CTDP Formula One 2006

CTDP Formula One 2006

CTDP F1 2006 is the best mod for F1 season 2006 in rFactor

Over the years, CTDP has made more than seven mods based on F1 seasons. They switched from F1 Challenge to rFactor for the 2005 season. Now they have released the 2006 F1 Season, and it's nothing like they have ever done before. This mod is miles away from the 2005 season, you can even see that in the file size difference: this mod is over one gigabyte larger than the 2005 season.

As you would expect, all the cars are modeled in here to the smallest design detail, as well as their liveries, and drivers' helmets. You even have the safety car modeled, and yes, you can drive it too. The cockpits are modeled to the smallest detail, as well as the tire and the car physics. There is a realistic engine wear and brake wear as the race goes along. You can even have technical upgrades to the cars in season mode. This game has everything you would imagine in an F1 mod. There are just so many features it will take pages to describe them. You will definitely feel like you are driving an F1 car; thats for sure. If you are an F1 nut, get this mod; it's way better than any commercial F1 game out there.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great models and graphics
  • Great physics


  • A few AI bugs
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